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Thursday, September 23, 2010


means "clear to obscure"
or, for our purposes, "light to dark"

The focus is on the transition from extreme lights to extreme darks,
usually with high contrast, and somewhat abrupt transitions from light to dark.

Look for the darkest areas of the subject and the lightest areas of the subject. Get those two extremes marked down, forgetting (for the moment) the middle tones. You want as much contrast as possible.


Life Drawing class schedule for week #3

you will need your kneaded eraser and either pastel or charcoal for this class
beginning of class instruction (10 minutes)

gesture drawing (20x 30" poses)
gesture drawing and using triangles to see (10x 60" poses)
5' break for the model

blind contour drawing (2x 10' poses)
5' break for the model & introduction to the concept of Chiaroscuro

long pose (20')

Long break for all (15')

long poses for the rest of class (20' pose & 5' breaks for the model after each pose)
if you want to get a head start, or are just curious about chiaroscuro you can check the General Drawing web post about Sfumato and Chiaroscuro.

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