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Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Supply Stores

are different than craft stores, office supply stores, and even our book store on campus. You have to go to an art supply store for some of the things on the required materials list for this class.

Pearl Paint has a store in Paramus, NJ and one in New York City. You can visit those shops or order online. Regular shipping online is slow. And, store inventory is a bit unpredictable these days, but it's always worth a drive up the highway to find out.

Dick Blick is a terrific online resource for art supplies. Most supplies are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer or another distributor, so their inventory is reliable. Regular shipping can take as long as 10 business days (which translates into almost two full weeks). Two day air from FedEx is often the best bet (note: that is two days of shipping time AFTER the order has been paid for, boxed, and sent out of their door, so give them another day to do all that)

Utrech Art has a store in New York City, and one in central New Jersey. The one in NJ is far from campus, so it's either New York City or ordering online. Utrech has a great selection. I cannot speak to their online shipping habits since I do not order online from them.

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