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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Required Materials for Life Drawing I, II, III

You need to get the following art supplies.
You are responsible for having enough. If you run out, you need to get more

14” x 17” pad of drawing/sketch paper
(good general purpose paper, with some “tooth” to it, not smooth or Bristol, preferably 60lb. or more)
Spiral bound, 100 sheets (they come in 25, 50, 100 sheets. Get any combination you want, as long as your total is 100 sheets)

Ebony Pencils (I suggest 2 to start, you can get more later)

Pencil Sharpener

Kneaded Eraser

Pink Pearl Eraser or
White Vinyl/Plastic Eraser

Box of Soft Pastels (at least 12 colors)

India Ink (small bottle of Higgins India Ink is best)

One small closeable jar (will be used to make a diluted india ink and water solution that will be used with the full strength stuff)

Round Brushes (student/scholastic grade ok. Get a basic cheap set of round brushes that contains at least a #2 and #6)

Water Flow Brush (these are brushes that have a water compartment in the handle. Get a medium sized brush. You only need one)

Gel Pen (black preferred, but if you like a color, then get a VERY DARK color like dark blue, dark green, dark brown, etc.)

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