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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life Drawing Fall 2010 Schedule

(subject to change at instructor’s discretion)

Week 1
Introduction, Material List Review, Student Information
Gesture Drawing

Week 2
Skeleton and Proportion
you'll need an Ebony Pencil

Week 3
Chiaroscuro (“clear to obscure”)
you'll need to bring Pastels or Vine Charcoal and Kneaded Eraser

Week 4
Creating Volume, seeing inside objects, shadows
you'll need to bring Gel Pen and Water Brush, or your India Ink, container, and brush

Week 5
finding space with Angles you'll need to bring an Ebony Pencil and either Pink Pearl or White Vinyl Eraser

Week 6
Volume and Outline
Line Variety and Grayscale (value)
you'll need to bring India Ink and Brush

Week 7 Hatching, Cross Hatching
Texture, direction, volume
Mid-Term Review
you'll need to bring India Ink and Brush or Pencil
and EVERYTHING you have made so far this semester

Week 8 Gray Tone Paper Highlights
Color the paper with vine charcoal, pull highlights with
Kneaded eraser and push darks with charcoal
you'll need to bring vine charcoal and a kneaded eraser

Week 9 Hands and Feet
Head and Face
bring your prefered medium

Week 10 Old Masters, copying drawings of the Old Masters
Van Gogh or earlier
bring your prefered medium

Week 11 drawing on Toned Paper (brown craft paper)
White as a Color
you'll need to bring Ebony Pencil and at least a white Pastels (best to bring the whole set)

Week 12 open/continuation

Week 13 open/continuation

Week 14 open/continuation

Week 15 Final Review bring all of your work for review

Please note the required media for each class.

You will ALWAYS need your 14” x 17” pad of paper, an Ebony Pencil, and an eraser.
If you are unsure about what to bring to class, then bring everything on the materials list.

Homework will be assigned through handouts given during class. Homework must be completed in your 14” x 17” pad of paper and saved for your final review.

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