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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Attendance, Homework, Grading Policy (no cell phones)

Homework will be assigned through handouts given during class. Homework must be
completed in your 14” x 17” pad of paper and saved for your final review.

Keep everything you make, even the ones you do not like!
You will be graded on work done in class, and need to demonstrate that you have listened to
lessons, made considerable effort in class, and have made progress in your drawing ability.
Effort, Progress, and Attitude weigh more heavily than “talent”.

There will be a mid-term review, during class, to discuss your progress and give you a mid-term

An individual Final Review will act as the Final Exam in this class.
You will sign up for an individual review that will take place during the final week.
During that final review, you will need to show me ALL of your work from the semester.
Keep your work organized, neat, and protected throughout the semester. You are
responsible for bringing it to the final review, in good condition.

Since this class meets only once each week, an absence is exceptionally negative.
Class participation (as well as attitude) is a large part of your grade.
You cannot learn to draw alone. You must attend class to learn. And you must attend class to
get a good grade.
Most assignments (except homework) can only be completed during class time. If you miss the
class, you have missed the assignment for the week.

You are allowed ONE (1) unexcused absence per semester.
TWO (2) unexcused absences will lower your final grade.
More than TWO (2) unexcused absences will result in a failing grade for the semester.

***Absences are only excused with a doctor’s note and an accompanying note
from the Wellness Center: Student Health Services***

see Metro Campus attendance policy, under Academic Regulations in this link

Cell Phones, PDAs and other Electronic Devices
Are disrupting to class and do not contribute to learning and participation.

Cell Phones MUST be turned off during class. (I will repeat it… they must be TURNED OFF)
iPods, PDAs, and other personal electronic devices MUST be turned off and stored in your bags
during class.

If any of these electronic devices are interrupting class, I reserve the right to ask you to leave and
mark you with an unexcused absence for that class.

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