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Monday, January 24, 2011

Required Material for Spring 2011 semester

I am using products available on Dick Blick's website. You do not have to shop online. The FDU book store has most of the required materials. Pearl Paint has a similar website AND a store on route 17 north in Paramus. Michaels craft store has some art materials ands is worth checking if you have one close to you.

if you shop online, you need to plan ahead for shipping so you have materials in time for class!!! I suggest adding at least three business days to what the online retailer promises you for delivery date. Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays are not business days.

You MUST have the following three things for class on Monday, January 31, 2011.
#1 14" x 17" sketch/drawing pad
#2 ebony pencil
#3 erasers

14" x 17" sketch/drawing pad of paper.
you will need 100 sheets throuhout the semester.
You can do this by buying pads with less than 100 sheets as you need them.
You can also buy a pad with 100 sheets in it. However you want to do it, you must make sure that you do not run out of paper.
here are links to some good options
Canson XL mixed media (best)
Canson XL drawing (good)
Strathmore 400 series (good)
Strathmore 300 series (ok)

Ebony Pencil
You will probably go through 2 or more of these throughout the semester.
here is link

one kneaded eraser and one white plastic eraser
here are links for
kneaded erser (get the bigger one)
extra soft plastic eraser
multiple eraser combo pack (this has both kinds of required erasers)


I strongly urge you to get a pencil sharpener!!!
We have an electric sharpener in class, but it is prone to clogging.
A hand-held, small pencil sharpener is inexpensive and light weight. It will let you keep drawing if the big electric sharpener is broken. YOU are responsible for being ready to draw throughout the entire class time.
Here is are three links to the type of pencil sharpener I am suggesting
brass bullet
two hole sharpener
super cheap and light

A few weeks into the semester, you will need a small, re-closable jar. It must be water tight since you'll be mixing india ink in it. India ink stains and you don't want it leaking in your bag or on you clothes. Used baby food jars, sauce jars, etc. are great once they are washed and dried. I have seen olive jars, salsa jars. Pearl Paint has new jars you can buy if you are there, but most people can find something in their kitchen to clean out and recycle.


Materials we MIGHT be using this semester:
(you can buy this stuff now, or wait until 5 weeks into the semester to see if we are going to use it)

Gelly Roll Pens with a MEDIUM point by Sakura.
available at Pearl Paint or Best Pens Online
These are the original gel pens and still the best. They have an 0.8mm tip.
Buy a dark color. You can guy as many colors as you want, but be sure you buy at least one black or dark blue.
The 10 Pen Assortment at Pearl Paint has every color except white.
Also, the metallic, ice, or any other variation make for bad drawing. They are pretty , but not good for this class. You want the plain, original, normal colors.

Water Flow Brush
I think that the Niji Waterbrush is better than the Aqua Flow Brush Set. But, either will work. Make a decision based on what you can afford.

a box of soft pastels
graytone, landscape shades, whatever.... as long as the set has one black and one gray

Sumi Brush is a bamboo brush. You need to get at least one size 2, but I suggest the entire set (size 1,2,6)

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